Financial Plan

Using sophisticated software, we catalogue what you own, and with some reasonable assumptions, forecast into the future. Numerical and graphical summaries of cash flow, net worth, and tax give us a basis to consider all options and enables informed decision-making.

Investment Referral Program

Through an extensive network of industry experts, we act as a concierge for connecting you to the right professional. We have referral arrangements for varying   portfolio sizes and objectives.

Greg is focused on solutions rather than selling you a product., and he takes the time to explain the rationale behind the recommendations made.  You walk away confident that you have the right solutions in place.
(C. R.) Management Consulting

Insurance Evaluation and Management

From risk management to wealth strategies, we offer a clearly defined methodology to quantify and qualify our recommendations. We begin by assessing what is needed to financially maintain the same standard of living without one of the breadwinners, and comparing that to the existing insurance portfolio. We then consider the tax obligations when wealth is eventually transferred downstream to the next generation.

We match plans based on the duration for which they are needed and for the risks we have identified. Often it takes a combination of products, which may be from different insurers. Working through a national agency, we are contracted with all major insurance companies, and we recommend the optimal plan(s) on an unbiased basis.

Tax-Effective Strategies

For our clients, the world of investing and insurance often intersect. Net after-tax rates of return can be quite attractive with exempt life insurance. Held personally or inside a corporation, these permanent policies offer desirable characteristics often not found in conventional investments. Where suitable, we explore these alternative investment ideas for clients ranging in age from 40 to those in their late 70s. 

Wills and Powers of Attorney

As a Trust and Estate Practitioner, we are skilled in helping with the big picture when it comes to testamentary planning. We partner with your lawyer or can recommend an estate lawyer, if you need one to implement any required changes. Our involvement often helps clients understand what they must think about and may result in fewer billable hours with legal counsel.

Strategic Partner for Car, Home & Business Insurance 

We have a strategic partnership with BST Insurance to give our clients access to expert personalized advice on car, home and business insurance. As independent brokers, they are often able to source and secure far better coverage for the same or lower rates. 

After a review of my policies, they saved me 30% on my home and auto insurance but even more importantly, discovered I had very limited water damage coverage. This could have been a horrible experience had I ever suffered a water damage claim.

You may contact them directly at (905) 427-4338 and ask to speak to Jason Marchand or Tammy Hull who would be more than happy to review your current coverage and pricing options.

Or feel free to hit this link to have someone contact you directly.



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