Growing up as the youngest of seven, I had an interesting perspective on family life. My mother worked outside the home and managed our family so efficiently. The eldest three took care of the youngest three, leaving #4 to fend for herself. We all knew what was expected of us and for the most part, it worked. As if feeding all of us was not enough, every week we had newcomers to Canada as additional guests at our table. And it was routine for us to entertain one or two families for lunch on a Sunday afternoon after church.

With such an upbringing, it is no surprise that I have a bent toward organizing things, and a love for entertaining. Today, with my wife and daughter, we often host parties for groups of 20 to 40 for just about any occasion.

After all, it is the people in our lives who make us rich.


I find Greg to be a person with an impeccable moral and ethical standing.  His professional experience, depth and breadth of knowledge as a financial advisor, is value that I have always sought and appreciated.
(L. H.) Professional Engineer

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